What is Footy Feud!?
Footy Feud! is an Australian football themed-card game, and is an Official AFL licensed product (since 2017).

What is the objective of the game?
Just like any footy game, the objective is to have the highest score at the end of the game (played over 4 quarters). Players score the same way that footy teams score (Goals, Behinds, Points)

How many players can play Footy Feud!?
Ideally 2-6 players can play Footy Feud!, however even up to 12 players can play if you are playing with 2 people per team.

How long does each game take to complete?
Each game takes approximately 10-15 minutes to complete.

Is Footy Feud! easy to understand?
Yes- Footy Feud! has proved easy to understand for people of all ages; both during our extensive product testing and also post launch.  If you have any questions, please refer to our 'How to Play' page where we show footage of people playing a game, or email us at andrew@sportingchancegames.com if you have any further questions. 

Are there any specific skills you need to play the game?
No- although it would be preferrable for the scorer to have good counting skills to 100 and a good knowledge of their 6 times tables (6 times tables are provided in the pack).

How do I score?
Please refer to the 'How to Score' video on our 'How to Play' page and/or download our scoresheet from the main menu

What do I need to score to typically win the game?
Like any real Australian football game, the scores really vary between games.  However, typically scoring over 85 will see you win Footy Feud!, while over 75 will typically win Footy feud! Finals

Do I need to know about Australian football to play the game?
No, not at all! Footy Feud! has tested very well with people of all ages who even have no interest in Australian football.

If you are familiar with the Australian football scoring method it may make the game initially easier to grasp. 

What ages is Footy Feud! suitable for?
Footy Feud! is most suitable for all ages, 7 and up, while Footy Feud! Finals is 10+.  Both games are heaps of fun for kids and adults!

Is Footy Feud! a game of luck or skill?
We have deliberately designed Footy Feud! to be easy to play, however the game features multiple strategic choices that differentiates good players from the best. Further, Footy Feud! Finals is slightly more advanced, which requires a bit more skill.

Who are Sporting Chance Games?
Sporting Chance Games Pty Ltd is an independent company that design sports-themed card and board games.  Look out for our other great products coming soon!